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Monday, March 21, 2011

copy this style!

Salam readers,

Ramai yg memuji baju kt Remaja ni cantik. available lg ke x? ada colour lain ke? ok, meh tgk kt bawah ni k ;P

Ada 3 helai baju yg dipakai oleh model di atas. jumpa cari x? hehe

1st big floral cardigan2nd: Soft love3rd: Denim zipped jacket :)

Skirt and cardigan kt model yg cun ni plak:1st: Button 2 cardigan: white & black

Floral jean skirt: dah sold out :( InsyaAllah akan restock!

Diorang ni tgk apa eh?

Small Floral cardigan

3 ;layer lace (colour ni dh sold out, colour lain ada lg, sgt cantik!)

Floral dress + free necklace (suka tgk shea pakai; cr kt older post kami ye)

last but not least, classy studded cardigan (our personal favorite~)

So, apa tunggu lagi, jom shopping!!

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