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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Lace stripes top

Salam readers,

Td surfing jumpa gambar ni drp website forever 21..

Nama top ni..lace stripes top

Cantik kan?

Ni baju yg kami jual..
Basic nya sama je..lace and stripe..cumanya stripe baju kami ni menegak, forever21 punya melintang..

Ni warna purple..cantikkan? Kalau pakai yg menegak camni,akn nmpk lebih slim kan :)

Owh, tu new collection dr forever21 tau. Harganya $13.80..kalau convert RM agak2 berapa eh? U all calculate la sendiri ikut harga tukaran wang ye..

Di website kami hanya RM37 sahaja :) so cepat2 add to your cart now ye: printed lace shirt

Thanks for reading & thanks also for your comments~

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