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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Free postage*

Salam readers,

Entry kali ni utk

FYI, skrg ada free postage for last piece available item. So, kt bwh ni ada gambar2 item to let go..

n semestinya, harga nya sgt murah! (xpayah byr postage via poslaju ye)

*and the free postage hanya utk Malaysia shj

helter neck colourful dress - perfect for beach wear..
ribbons back dress..lycra fabric sgt sesuai utk plus sized

flowery me dress..special design and superb workmanship
rock necklace for your different look
unique design of the shoulder creates unique u :)
Blouse ni laku 2 helai kt booth festival layang2 tau. boleh imagine x yg blouse ni sgt cantik in real life?

Ada banyak lagi dlm Love to receive your order soon :P

thanks for reading~

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